Endocannabinoids: How Hard Is the Evidence that Marijuana Disrupts Adolescent Neurodevelopment?

The impact of marijuana on the developing adolescent brain is becoming better defined in the scientific literature. Five key articles will be distributed to workshop participants upon registration to prepare for in-depth discussion of the data on executive function impairment in early onset marijuana users. Susan Tapert, PhD, and Staci Gruber, PhD, (two of the papers’ authors) will serve as primary discussants, with Timmen Cermak, MD, as moderator. Interviews with the lead authors of the other three will be recorded via Skype. (Planner: Timmen Cermak, MD)

| Timmen Cermak, MD, Psychiatrist in private practice, Mill Valley and San Francisco, CA | Staci Gruber, PhD, Director, Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School | Susan Tapert, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, UC San Diego